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For courses, several locations are available depending on your needs, course requirements and seasonality. For the depth curriculum of the AIDA courses, the indoor dive-tanks at Dive4Life (maximum depth of 20 meter) and Nemo33 (maximum depth of 35 meter) can be used to fulfill the certification requirements. Finally, during the summer season, courses can also take place at Slijk-Ewijk or other outdoor lakes across The Netherlands.

Pool Beuningen.PNG



Swimmingpool De Plons is located next to Nijmegen, in the city of Beuningen. This facility sets the perfect stage to conduct the AIDA courses. Next to the main pool for the dynamic sessions, it has a warmer shallower pool where the static sessions can be facilitated. Occasionally training sessions take place during the weekends, where we train Static & Dynamic as well as perform safety drills in a controlled environment.

Where: Houtduiflaan 3, 6641 ZN, Beuningen

When: Saturdays (Weekly)




The Dive4Life indoor diving center in Siegburg near Cologne/Bonn in Germany is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. It is 20 meter deep and reaches 18m in diameter. It contains a "sunken city" that can be explored, as well as several platforms at different depths. Depth sessions for the Aida 2 course, Pure Apnea Freediver Level 1 course and training sessions can be organized here.

Where: Zeithstraße 110, 53721 Siegburg (Germany)

When: Course Dates (AIDA 2)






The Slijk-Ewijk Lake is located just next to Nijmegen, conveniently located between the A15 & A50. The lake originated from sand extraction, and is a true paradise for freedivers & other water sports enthusiasts. In Slijk-Ewijk a maximum depth of 35 meter can be reached. Courses and training sessions can take place during the summer season from May to September, when the water temperature is at acceptable level.

Where: Valburgsestraat 45, 6677 PC, Slijk-Ewijk

When: Course Dates (May to September)

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