Freediving in recreational and competitive format is governed by organizations that oversee and regulate not only freediving competitions and record attempts, but also freediving education. Each organization has their own set of rules and regulations. With Freedive4Me, you can choose between courses of the AIDA or Pure Apnea educational system.


Both of these freedive organizations are widely recognized worldwide and follow professionally designed educational courses to guide you to become a competent and safe freediver. On top of that, following one of our courses guarantees that you can continue your education and training anywhere in the world with affiliate organizations.

Click on the logo’s below from Pure Apnea and/or AIDA to have a look at the different courses that we offer or contact us for more information to identify which training course suits your needs!


Example of a dive during an AIDA Level II course in Dive4Life, Germany


During a freedive course several essential topics will be covered. In general, those topics can be categorize the leanings into seven areas. Depending on the course level, you will gain knowledge and practical experience in those areas to either start your freediving journey or advance your level. Those seven areas include (on alphabetical orders):

  • Breathing & Breath-hold: Basis of each dive will be your breath-hold by learning proper breathing & breath-hold techniques

  • Diving Technique: Applying a good diving technique is always an important topic to converse as much oxygen as possible

  • Equalization: You will learn different techniques to cope with pressure differences that occur when descending into the deep

  • Freedive Lifestyle: How to stay healthy and in good physical condition are key to dive safely and advance within freediving

  • Relaxation: Relaxation from a mental, emotional and/or physical point-of-view can help you to stay calm and controlled

  • Safety Standards: Safety standards is probably the most important topic to understand what to do in case of emergencies

  • Theoretical Knowledge: You will learn the physiological background of freediving and how your body copes with a breath-hold


"I joined the AIDA I and AIDA II courses given by Jurgen: it was a great! Jurgen has a very good knowledge, he is very professional and, most of all, he is very very passionate for freediving! These ingridients allowed me to have a great course. I learned the fundamental disciplines of freediving and, thanks to his careful supervision, I could significantly improve myself from lesson to lesson. I definetly recomend to take a freediving course with Jurgen to anyone interested in this wonderful sport!"

- Marcello M., Italy

"Jurgen was very nice and professional. It's a great pleasure to learn freediving with him!"

- Lois W., China

"I did my AIDA III course with Jurgen and loved every minute of it. He is very patient, super knowledgeable and pays a lot of attention to the individual needs of the student. I would recommend training with him anytime."

- Leo X., Hong Kong

"A few weeks ago I did my first freediving course with Jurgen. You start the course with a theory lesson, which is rather dry, but Jurgen made it worthwhile and interesting to follow. Then we tried on all the gear and went into the pool which was a lot of fun. The next lessons are then in the open ocean. In the end I almost thought I wouldn't finish the course because I really struggled with the equalization, but Jurgen really went the extra mile to show me how to do it properly and what can I say, on the last dive I made it to 16m! Big Thanks to Jurgen and I sure will come back for the AIDA III!"

- Miroslav K., Czech Republic


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