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About Jurgen




As long as I can remember, I have been immensely enthusiastic about being in the water. It all started when I began playing water polo at the tender age of 7. I loved the sport and being in the water all the time, they couldn’t get me out of the pool! Years later I switched to swimming, where eventually I participated in long-distance open water competitions between 2 and 15 KM.


One day a friend showed me a video of Guillaume Nery performing a freefall (you can watch it here), and the only thing I remember is my pure astonishment and utmost respect. Could anybody freedive, and how would that work? How does it feel to be underwater like that? What goes on in your mind when putting yourself in this kind of environment?

I couldn’t stop thinking about this for a couple of months and decided to start my freediving course in the Philippines in 2013. Since then I have been enjoying diving so much that I continued my education and finalized my instructor courses with Pure Apnea and AIDA, and also started teaching. Eventually, I achieved 3 Dutch national records (FIM -76 meter, CWTB -61 meter & DYNB 164 meter) and started Freedive4Me to grow the freedive community in the Netherlands.


  • Finalized Pure Apnea Level 1 to 3 (Philippines, 2013)

  • Training Sessions at Various Locations Globally (Canada, 2014; Egypt, 2015; Greece, 2016)

  • Finalized Pure Apnea Instructor Course (Belgium, 2017)

  • Finalized AIDA Instructor Course (Philippines, 2017)

  • Freedive Instructor at Freedive Panglao, Bohol (Philippines, 2017-2018)

  • Achieved First National Record in Depth : FIM -76 meter (Greece, 2018)

  • Founded Freedive4Me & Start Teaching in Holland (Netherlands, 2019)

  • Achieved Second National Record in Depth : CTWB -61 meter (Greece, 2019)

  • Accomplished First National Record in Pool : DYNB 164 meter (Belgium, 2023)

"For me, freediving is a magnificent sport to really enjoy the environment around you and listen to yourself. I would like to spread my passion for this sport together with you"

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