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Freediving is about more than 'just' holding your breath establishing who can stay underwater the longest or dive the deepest.


It is about quieting and controlling the mind, training your breath and the breathing muscles, understanding your relationship and connection with nature.

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Freedive4Me offers professional courses for beginners as well as advanced levels, teaching you everything from the basics to advanced freedive knowledge.

During a course you will gain practical experience in various areas, including breath-hold, safety standards, diving techniques, mental relaxation and equalization.

Different disciplines require different diving location. Freedive4Me has access to some of the nicest diving locations in the area.


For the pool sessions, we use Beuningen’s swimming pool, or other locations Holland, and the deepest dive tanks in Germany and Belgium for the necessary depth.

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When I first learned about freediving, I was amazed and astonished - How does it work? Can I do it? And what do you experience being underwater? 


After diving for my own pleasure for a while, I decided to become an instructor to share my love for this fascinating sport.

Freedive4Me is based in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), where courses and training sessions take place.


Ready to take a dive-course? Get in touch via online messaging or send an email. See you soon in the water!

Follow me online to see where  I am diving, whether it's the cold lakes of Holland or the tropical waters of the Philippines. Also, don't miss out on information about upcoming courses.

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